Do you really need to remove teeth before braces? Get the answer in our blog!

Is It Necessary To Remove Teeth For Braces?

A note about extractions in orthodontics It’s the goal of orthodontists to achieve a healthy, stable bite and pleasing smile in a conservative and comfortable manner. In most cases, this can be achieved without removing teeth. In other cases, there are compelling reasons to remove teeth for braces. When these cases do arise, you, your […]

A before and after photo of correcting a deep overbite

How to Fix a Deep Overbite (Before-and-After Photos)

Orthodontics has an incredible power to correct many issues with your teeth and bite, including: Deep overbite Underbite Overcrowding teeth Crossbite Open bite Gapped teeth So, how does orthodontics fix each of these issues? Well: In this blog, we’re going to focus on how to fix a deep overbite, including: What they are How they’re […]