Take a selfie, then use the Brace Yourself app to preview yourself with braces.

How Would I Look With Braces?

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with braces? Are your kids nervous about going to the orthodontist because they can’t envision their new smiles? Sometimes being worried about how we’ll look in braces can hold us back from taking that first step. Well, never fear, there truly is “an app for that!” Whether you’re considering braces for your […]

Dr. Schur with patient during initial orthodontic evaluation visit.

About Your Initial Orthodontic Evaluation Visit

The purpose of the initial orthodontic evaluation appointment is to: Get to know the orthodontic team and for them to get to know you. Learn whether orthodontic treatment would be beneficial, and if so, how. Learn about potential treatment options, treatment duration, and cost. Determine whether you are comfortable with the orthodontist, the staff, practice culture and atmosphere, and […]

Self-ligating braces and evidence-based care

Self-Ligating Braces: Do They Deliver What’s Promised?

What are self-ligating braces (brackets)? Self-ligating brackets feature a sliding gate or door that holds the wire in place, as opposed to the colored elastic ties that are used with traditional braces. The are manufactured and marketed by various orthodontic supply companies. Like traditional brackets, they are available in metal and clear versions. What advantages […]

Remove teeth for braces

Is It Necessary To Remove Teeth For Braces?

A note about extractions in orthodontics It is the goal of orthodontists to achieve a healthy, stable bite and pleasing smile in a conservative and comfortable manner. In most cases this can be achieved without the need to remove teeth. In other cases, there are compelling reasons to remove teeth for braces, and in such cases the pros and […]

Financial options orthodontic treatment

Financial Strategies For Orthodontic Treatment

Paying for orthodontic treatment–what are the main financial resources? There are generally four financial resources for orthodontic treatment: Insurance Employer-sponsored pre-tax plans such as Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts Out-of-pocket funds Third party financing Financial strategies for optimizing your purchasing power Insurance  Orthodontic insurance typically pays 50% of incurred charges up to a lifetime […]

Evidence-based orthodontics

Orthodontics and Evidence-Based Care

What is evidence-based care? The concept of evidence-based care was pioneered by British epidemiologist Archie Cochrane in the early 1970’s, based upon the underlying principle that treatment offered to patients should be proven to be effective. He and his colleagues devised standards for proper scientific studies, with the gold standard being the Randomized Controlled Trial. Ultimately, […]

Bellevue Invisalign smile

Bellevue Invisalign: An insider’s guide

Why should Schur Orthodontics be your Bellevue Invisalign practice? Because Schur Orthodontics meets all of prime selection criteria: Invisalign treatment is really just another form of orthodontic treatment, and Dr. Jeffrey Schur is a UW-trained orthodontic specialist who has dedicated his career to the finer points of tooth movement, including bite function and esthetics. Experience: Dr. […]

Deep overbites, enamel wear

About Deep Overbites

What are deep overbites? In orthodontic terms, “overbite” means the vertical overlap of the front teeth. This gets confusing because most folks refer to overbite as the degree to which the upper front teeth extend in front of the lower front teeth. Orthodontists refer to that as “overjet”. Notice how the upper tooth gets thicker […]

The dental hygienist plays a critical role in proper oral hygiene.

Hygiene Visits During Orthodontics

Hygiene during orthodontic treatment: critical to maintaining oral health! The goal of oral hygiene is to maintain the health of your teeth, gums, bone, and ligaments that support your teeth. The bacteria in plaque can infect your gums. This in turn causes inflammation to occur, and inflammation can result in gum recession and loss of […]

Facial pain, TMD, TMJ

TMD: Bellevue Orthodontist On Facial & TMJ Pain

What is TMD? The temporomandibular joints, commonly referred to as TMJs, are the joints where your jaw connects with the temporal bones of your skull. Discomfort and problems associated with your jaw and the muscles that control it is referred to as temporomandibularjoint disorder, or TMD. There is no one cause of TMD, but there are multiple factors […]