Charitable Organizations We Support

Charitable Organizations

Of course, all of us at Schur Orthodontics enjoy working together in providing you with best in orthodontic treatment and customer service. Beyond that, we find much reward in supporting various non-profit and charitable organizations that provide needed goods and services throughout the Puget Sound region.

The following are charitable organizations that we currently support:

Seattle Ronald McDonald House–More than a place to stay

From their website: “The Seattle Ronald McDonald House provides housing to families who are going through a difficult time while caring for a seriously ill child receiving treatment at Seattle Children’s. In 2014, we provided nearly 28,500 nights of housing to over 500 families.

These families come to us from throughout the Northwest, Alaska and beyond. Most arrive with their lives having suddenly been turned upside down, filled with fear, confusion and uncertainty. Most can’t afford housing,

And that’s where the House comes in, providing these families with a home filled with community, support  – and hope.”

We enjoy providing craft night for the young patients, their friends, and family members. It’s a fun time for all, and it gives us an opportunity to get to know the patients and those close to them.


Bloodworks Northwest

Bloodworks Northwest is the new name for the Puget Sound Blood Center. They serve over 90 hospitals in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, meeting critical blood needs. We organize local blood drives via the mobile blood donor units. It’s a convenient way for us and those who work near our office to donate blood. The nice thing about blood drives is that new donors get a lot of support from their more experienced peers.

Bellevue Donor Bloodmobile Charitable Organizations

Mobile Blood Donor Unit

Seattle Humane Society’s Outreach Program

The Human Society’s Outreach Program provides pet supplies, especially food, to the elderly, disabled, and HIV sufferers who benefit from the companionship of pets but need a bit of help in providing for them. We will be conducting a food and pet supply drive some time in November, running through December. We will publicize the drive on this blog, on our facebook page, and in the office. If you understand the benefits of pet ownership and want to take part, your contributions will be greatly appreciated!

Humane Society Charitable Organizations

Seattle Union Gospel Mission

On nights when we distribute meals and/or items to the homeless in Seattle, we drop off additional supplies at the Union Gospel Mission. “Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission provides emergency care and long-term recovery services to hurting and homeless people in the greater Seattle area.”

Union Gospel Mission Charitable Organizations

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about or community involvement or would like to participate or support our efforts. Thanks to all who have done so already!

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  1. Avatar for Schur Orthodontics Aston Tingley says:

    Hi my name is Aaron Tingley I am 27 and I am HIV positive. I am reaching out to try and find a possible orthodontic miracle, I have been really depressed and and uncomfortable with my teeth. I wish to have my teeth fixed and aligned , I would make a handsom model for your work. My teeth are in healthy and in great shape, their just over crowded. I wish I had money to pay for orthodontic services, but sadly I do not. Most interestingly enough even for my self included I recently took a good minute to really imagine what my mouth would feel like if my teeth were aligned and my tongue actually had room, and I haven’t been the same since, I’ve been experiencing a really odd intense oral claustrophobia like feelings because my tongue is pushed in to the side and probably permanently indented. If you are able to guide me into a direction that can help me beside Oral claustrophobic counseling I would be so incredibly thankful. Thank you again. Sincerely Aaron Tingley P.S. I can email you some pictures of my teeth if you are curious.

    • Hi Aaron (or is it Aston?). The first step is to discuss your issues with your dentist, and to make sure that your mouth is healthy. There is a condition called macroglossia where the tongue is too big or wide to comfortably fit within the “dental arch”, and I can see how that could cause a feeling of claustrophobia. There are procedures available to address macroglossia. That being said, there are limits to how much you can spread out your teeth in order to make room for your tongue. If you spread them too far, you can cause gum recession on the outside.

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