Coronavirus: New Office Visit Protocol

Safe treatment during coronavirus times

Why a new protocol for coronavirus protection?

Because orthodontic treatment requires the breaching of social distancing, we are instituting a new protocol to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus during visits to our office. These measures have been recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Washington Department of Health Dental Quality Assurance Commission (DQAC), and some we have instituted on our own.

How will it work?

To maximize everyone’s safety, the following steps will occur before, during, and following your orthodontic visit:

Prior to your visit:

Pre-visit fever screening

Pre-treatment screening.

  • Upon your arrival, please stay in your car or in a safe place outside of our office and call us. We will ask you some health screening questions and let you know when your chair is available–you can then enter the building.
  • Please knock on our office door–we will meet you there, take your temperature with a forehead-scanning thermometer and give you some hand sanitizer. Please come with clean teeth as we have removed toothbrushes from the sink area–it’s just too risky at this time. You are encouraged to bring and wear a surgical mask upon entering our office and leaving the treatment area. Of course, it will need to be removed during your treatment.
  • We will then take you to your chair for treatment. At this time we will ask friends and family members to stay in the car–our reception room will be closed. We are happy to communicate with parents by phone or email.
  • PRECAUTION: if you are sick, feeling badly, have a cough, sore throat, or fever, please reschedule your visit with us and contact your physician. If you believe you have been exposed to coronavirus in the last two weeks, please reschedule your orthodontic visit. 

During your visit:

Proper hand hygiene

Proper hand hygiene is a key measure.

  • You will be treated with cleaned and sterilized instruments in a properly prepared and disinfected treatment area.
  • Our team will be wearing appropriate personal protective equipment.

After your visit:

  • We will have you wash your hands or give you more hand sanitizer.
  • You will return to your car and call us to schedule your next appointment.

A final note regarding these coronavirus precautions

We were already practicing most of these measures prior to the dental office closures in mid-March, and they were well received by patients and family members. We look forward to returning to normal circumstances, but please be aware that many of these new standards will become permanent. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here. Your health and safety are our main concern!


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