Invisalign, Braces, or Both????

Invisalign, braces, or both? How to decide.

Invisalign is a system of clear aligners that are an alternative to wearing braces. They tend to be comfortable, visually pleasing, and convenient in that you remove them to eat, to clean your teeth, and for dental visits. With those advantages, why do braces still exist?

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Invisalign, braces, or both?

Good question! The answer lies in the fact that braces are attached to teeth and thus they are capable of controlling certain movements that can’t always be accomplished with clear aligners. Braces are also better for patients who can’t or won’t predictably wear clear aligners.

Braces vs aligners–how do you know? As an orthodontist experienced in both Invisalign and braces, Dr. Schur will evaluate your bite needs during the initial orthodontic evaluation visit. He will then discuss the pros and cons of both options with you.

What if braces would work better but you want clear Invisalign? The good news is that we can generally offer combination treatment in these situations. This means that you start with either limited or full braces and then switch to Invisalign when appropriate. In some situations aligners and limited braces can be used at the same time!


Why Schur Orthodontics For Invisalign? 

Because we are experienced in both Invisalign, braces, and combination treatment, we are free to recommend the option that is best for you. Invisalign is often viewed as an off-the-shelf solution, but in reality clear aligners are one of several tools by which orthodontic treatment is performed. To achieve proper orthodontic results Invisalign requires the same judgment, skill, and planning that braces do.

For more information or to see our Invisalign video, please click this link: Schur Orthodontics Invisalign

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