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LifeWire Domestic Abuse services

Lifework Domestic Violence Programs Bellevue

Why the post about LifeWire?

On May 14th my wife and I attended LifeWire’s World of Hope Gala and Auction, where we learned about their tremendously effective programs helping victims of domestic violence, and the great need for them. The dedication of the staff & volunteers, as well as the outpouring of support from the local community touched and impressed us.

About Domestic Violence

Victims of domestic violence are predominantly, but not exclusively women and children. It transcends race, income, culture, and sexual orientation. It can even affect pets. The abuse may take many forms, from physical to psychological. It often impedes the victim’s ability to perform outside of the home, such as at work or school. There are many common myths about domestic violence, and people often wonder or ask why the victim stays.

LifeWire Domestic Abuse services


LifeWire: Domestic Violence Services

LifeWire, a Bellevue-based organization, has been providing domestic violence services and programs for over three decades. They are one of Washington State’s largest domestic violence service providers and a recognized leader in the field. LifeWire works closely with local and regional human service agencies to provide life-saving and life-changing programs and services to help victims and their children separate safely from an abuser, restore trust, develop self-sufficiency and build peaceful families.

Available services include:

Programs & Services

  1. 24 hour Help Line
  2. Advocacy Services
  3. Children & Teen Groups
  4. Counseling Services
  5. Education & Training
  6. Latina Outreach Program
  7. Legal Advocacy
  8. Women’s Support Groups

Shelter Services

  1. Hotel-Motel Voucher Program
  2. My Sister’s Home
  3. My Friend’s Place

Housing First Programs

  1. Rental Assistance Program
  2. Coming Home Program
  3. Housing Stability Program

Where to turn for help

24-Hour Helpline: 425-746-1940 or 800-827-8844

Want to help?

There are many ways that you can help to support LifeWire’s efforts, including donating, volunteering, advocacy/public policy, and even as a career.


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