Orthodontic Concierge Service? Really!

Orthodontic concierge service

We’ve designed a higher level of customer service that we call orthodontic concierge service. The goal is to make orthodontic treatment as easy as possible so that all the important details are taken care of for you. What this means to you is that we take care of coordinating all of your dental treatment appointments, including those with any other dentist, dental specialist, other related treatment providers, or the x-ray lab. We also take care of forwarding all important information for you so that your other visits are optimized.



We provide orthodontic concierge service for these reasons:

  • It makes for a more pleasant experience for all when everything goes smoothly and easily
  • It’s part of of our service DNA–it’s just how we like to treat our patients and their families
  • It’s an important part of ensuring quality treatment
  • It simplifies the process for our patients and their family

We believe that we are providing a good service for our patients because they keep telling us so–and we love it!

If you’d like to experience our orthodontic concierge service, please contact Calysta at (425) 747-4477.

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