Our Just Cause (Why We Do What We Do – for YOU!)

A patient and orthodontic team member making a heart shape with their hands together
A patient and orthodontic team member making a heart shape with their hands together

In the book, The Infinite Game… This text opens a new tab to learn about the book…, Simon Sinek introduces the concept of Just Cause; an overarching statement of an organization’s focus, motivation, and purpose.

It guides decisions and actions, and it aims the organization toward the long term objective.

The Just Cause transcends an organization’s founders, officers, and members. It binds the team in cohesiveness.

What’s Our Just Cause?

At Schur Orthodontics, our Just Cause is, “To establish our patients’ smiles and dental function as an asset to their health and well-being, as well as their social and professional lives.”

Orthodontic treatment, done properly, affects both smile esthetics and oral health. In some cases, it can play a role in overall health and wellness.

We believe both are important, but we recognize our patients are motivated by each to varying degrees. We include both in discussions with patients.

How this affects your treatment

Orthodontists, patients, and team members are confronted with a sea of treatment and technology options.

You depend upon your orthodontist to determine which option will work best for you and to guide every interaction by their Just Cause. This ensures decisions and treatment actions are in your best interest.

It may sound corny or cliche, but the proper focus and attention on your best interest make so much difference in the quality of your care.

7 things you should know about our Bellevue orthodontic office

1. Personalized care

Although we love office systems, we aren’t enamored with any treatment system that is universally applied to patients in a generic fashion.

You will receive individualized attention and care.

For example, we don’t believe that everyone who walks through our door should have expansion treatment.

2. Evidence-based care

We believe in real evidence-based care, which is a balance between science, patient preference, and practitioner experience.

We do not seek the early adoption of shiny object trends, as so many have been introduced as must-dos until their claims are proven false or greatly exaggerated.

Examples include pricey vibration devices… This text opens a new tab to a blog on the topic… and self-ligating brackets. These really just come down to a matter of preference. Here’s a good blog post… This text opens a new tab a blog on self-ligating braces… on the topic.

3. Teamwork

Our skilled treatment team has been together for many years, so we function as a real team that is focused on your care.

4. Convenient services

Our treatment coordinating is top-notch. We take care of all of your scheduling needs, rather than giving you homework.

We communicate directly with your other treating offices, rather than asking you to convey messages for us.

5. On-time appointments

We run on time. This is a matter of respect for your time and an important means of quality control.

Through deliberate, precise scheduling, we’re able to focus on YOU during YOUR appointment time.

6. Expert orthodontist in Bellevue

Dr. Schur‘s annual continuing education time exceeds the state requirement several-fold. He is also very selective about the courses he attends.

7. Always improving

We direct a significant focus on how our practice’s systems and procedures enhance your experience.

We are continually analyzing and revising our systems with an eye on making treatment easier and more convenient for you.

We have many patients who are skilled in this area, and we are thankful for the feedback and suggestions we’ve received!

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