Pet Food Drive A Huge Success!

Delivery day for Schur Orthodontics Pet Food Drive

Why we support the Seattle Humane Society with a Pet Food Drive 

Newly build Seattle Humane Society building

The new & very grand Seattle Humane Society facility!

Of course, the bottom line is that everyone as Schur Orthodontics is an animal lover, and we have a passion for helping abandoned or displaced pets. The Seattle Humane Society has played a major role in relocating pets that have lost their homes due to hurricanes in the south and fires in the west. In fact, Seattle takes annually takes on a large number of pets from other states even in the absence of natural disasters, and this is this just part of Northwesterners’ DNA! With the large intake of homeless dogs and cats comes a significant need for pet food and other supplies, and this is where we’ve chosen to help.

When does the annual drive take place?

We hold our annual Pet Food Drive during fall. This is typically after hurricane and fire season, when the need is potentially greatest. We vary the length of the collection period depending upon the level of need.

How does the Pet Food Drive work?

Dr. Schur's truck loaded with donate pet food.

There’s a lot more in the cab of the truck!

Tina starts to publicize the drive about a week in advance, notifying patients and their families that they are welcome to start bringing in food and other pet supplies. We use our reception area and a holding area in the clinic as collection sites. It’s fun to observe the generosity and enthusiasm of our patients, which is evidenced by the ever-growing mountains of food that at times make moving about the office a bit of a challenge. Tina also sends out reminders the day before patients’ appointments, as many folks stockpile pet food at home and we’re told that it’s sometimes easy to forget to load the food in the car. This year the haul included a dog bed, a small kennel, and some cash. At the end of the food drive Dr. Schur loads the mountain of donated items in to his truck and hauls it off to the Humane Society. Every year the employees and volunteers are amazed at the amount that is donated. It’s very rewarding for us, and more importantly, beneficial to the displaced animals.

Would you still like to help?

First we’d like to thank all of our patients and their family members who made the effort to help us support the Humane Society. If you’d like to help now or throughout the year, you can donate here: Click here for donation information. To learn more about Schur Orthodontics’ community efforts, click here.



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