Pet Food Drive For The Humane Society (CLOSED)

Seattle Humane Society Pet Food Drive 2016

Why support the Seattle Humane Society?

We asked ourselves the very same question, and in our opinion Lawrence from the Seattle Humane Society says it best:

One specific reasons for our conducting the pet food & supplies drive is that we all love pets, and recognize their value to those in the community who benefit from pet companionships but are struggling financially to provide them with proper food and care. The Seattle Humane Society offers a Pet Food Bank that addresses this need. We certainly enjoy promoting the drive, and we’ve found that our wonderful patients enthusiastically support the effort, and even look forward to it. In fact, we’ve had numerous occasions where patients have stopped by to drop off a donation, even though they didn’t have an appointment for treatment!

Pet food drive supporting the Seattle Humane Society

The mountain of donated pet food and supplies that took over our reception room!

This was a cooperative effort by many members of the Eastside dental community

I has been very gratifying to have other Eastside dental offices volunteer to join the effort. It’s just another nice way that the dental community gives back locally. This year, the following offices collected donations along with us:

We encourage other Seattle-Area businesses to support the Humane Society!

It’s a very worthy cause, it’s fun and uplifting for your employees, and your customers will appriate a convenient way to contribute to an organization that they think highly of. There’s nothing like joining together with coworkers, colleagues, and patients/customers in making our community a better place to live. The key is to publicize the event in advance of and during the drive. Social media and on-premises fliers are really all you need for a successful drive. In addition, we post the drive on the Bellevue Reporter Calendar. In the end, you’ll (hopefully) need a truck or van for delivery of the donated items to the Seattle Humane Society (map). Feel free to contact us if you are considering joining us next year or holding your own pet food & supplies drive.

Thanks again to all of our patients and the other local dental teams who contributed to this year’s successful pet food & supplies drive. Your good deeds have already benefited members of our community.

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