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Reviews orthodontics Bellevue
Reviews orthodontics Bellevue

She obviously didn’t check the online reviews!

Reviews by patients: why they matter

online reviewsOrthodontic practice websites are valuable in that they convey the practices’ values, culture, and treatment philosophy, but only if the orthodontist and staff were involved in creating their content. When done properly they also provide a sense of the atmosphere that you can expect, from formal and professional to fun, warm, and casual. In a sense, the website presents a practice’s treatment experience and customer service goals, but it tells you little about the degree to which those goals are met. That is where patient reviews come in. Reviews are essentially testimonials provided by those who know the practice well: the patients. This is helpful to potential patients who are researching orthodontic practices to find the one that best suits their needs. It is also helpful to orthodontic teams who care enough to use feedback as means of monitoring quality and identifying areas where improvement is indicated.

How to use reviews

Google reviews orthodonticsUnfortunately, there is no way to know the motives, fairness, and personality of individual reviewers. For that reason, it is important to look at overall patterns of opinion. Are there consistent compliments and raves, or consistent concerns and complaints? Have the nature of reviews changed over time? Are most reviews happy, with perhaps a couple of outliers? I’m consistently amazed at how demanding and harsh some folks can be in restaurant critiques, and how inconsistent opinions can be. Overall, I find evaluations of health care providers to be more consistent.

Common and credible sources of reviews

The following is a list of links to reviews of Schur Orthodontics from popular websites:

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We hope you take a look at our many reviews and that you feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’d also like to thank our patients who have taken the time to provide us feedback through online reviews.

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