Schur Orthodontics Team Member Spotlight: Tina!

Tina, scheduling coordinator Schur Orthodontics Bellevue

A word from Schur Orthodontics’ scheduling coordinator, Tina:  Tina, scheduling coordinator Schur Orthodontics Bellevue

Professional life: I started working for Schur orthodontics as scheduling coordinator in October of 2013. My favorite part of my job is helping people deal with the challenges of working orthodontic appointments into their busy lives in a way that is not disruptive. I want to make it as easy as possible for them.

Personal life: Outside of work my favorite title is Grandma. I love spending time with my Grandson and my husband, Sean. My favorite pastime is going with my family to the beach near the Mukilteo Lighthouse. (Editorial note: as anyone who has ever been in our office knows, her other passions include the Seahawks and Sounders!)

Mukilteo Lighthouse

Tina feeding homeless with Schur Orthodontics

Tina and Sean feeding the homeless in Seattle.going to the beach at the Mukilteo Light House with family.

Right now I am really looking forward to spending time with my husband in Kauai to celebrate his birthday, which is only one month away.

Schur Orthodontics pet drive

Tina showing off the pet food drive haul!

One of my favorite things I enjoy doing is saving unwanted animals by helping to find them loving homes–this gives me so much joy! I am involved with Rompin Paws Rescue, a new organization, because they do a great job of finding homes for so many animals.


What do we say about Tina?

“She always has big smile on her face and is very friendly.” – Stacy

“Tina readily connects with people and makes them feel instantly welcome because she’s sincerely interested in others. She also likes take care of the little things that make orthodontic treatment as easy and convenient as possible. In addition, Tina works very hard in making our community support and charitable projects so successful.” – Dr. Schur

Tina's Dogs Sienna & Mia

Tina’s dogs Sienna and Mia

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