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Reviews: Straight From Our Patients

Reviews by patients: why they matter Orthodontic practice websites are valuable in that they convey the practices’ values, culture, and treatment philosophy, but only if the orthodontist and staff were involved in creating their content. When done properly they also provide a sense of the atmosphere that you can expect, from formal and professional to […]

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Your Reviews Make a Difference at Schur Orthodontics!

How do reviews help Schur Orthodontics to give better service? We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service, and reviews are a great way for us to get feedback. Do you use online reviews as a consumer? Well, by reviewing us you are helping potential patients to understand what kind of care and service […]

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Share Your Feedback with Schur Orthodontics Bellevue

Do you rely on online reviews when purchasing a product or choosing a service provider? We do! We really appreciate seeing first-hand accounts when choosing products to order for the practice, deciding where to eat lunch, and more. Bellevue orthodontic patients are no different! We hope they choose us–and your reviews of our services could […]