TMD: Bellevue Orthodontist On Facial & TMJ Pain

Facial pain, TMD, TMJ

What is TMD?

The temporomandibular joints, commonly referred to as TMJs, are the joints where your jaw connects with the temporal bones of your skull. Discomfort and problems associated with your jaw and the muscles that control it is referred to as temporomandibularjoint disorder, or TMD.
There is no one cause of TMD, but there are multiple factors that can lead to it:
• A past injury and/or genetic tendency
• Nighttime grinding of the teeth
• Stress, which can cause clenching of the teeth
• A misaligned bite

Symptoms of Temporomandibular Dysfunction:

  • Pain in your jaw, neck, shoulders, ears, and/or face
  • Pain when you chew or open your mouth wide
  • Clicking, grating, or popping in your jaw joint
  • Headaches
  • Limited mobility or locking of the lower jaw

Facial pain, TMD, TMJ

What to expect during a TMJ consultation:

If you’re suffering from any of the painful symptoms listed above, a consultation with Bellevue Orthodontist Dr. Jeffrey Schur can help you identify the causes of your discomfort and what solutions maybe right for you.
During your consultation, he will examine your jaw, bite, teeth, and facial muscles, and may possibly prescribe x‐rays or an MRI for a more thorough look.
Non‐invasive treatments can relieve your pain!
There are several non‐invasive treatments Dr. Schur may recommend to help,including over‐the‐counter pain medication, application of an ice pack to the area, simple jaw stretches, and eating soft foods.
Additionally, a night guard or splint may be recommended to lessen the painful effects of nighttime grinding or clenching. We work with a team of skilled TMD treatment providers, including a physical therapist who is very experienced in addressing muscular and postural issues that can contribute to TMD symptoms. 
If your bite is contributing to your TMD, orthodontic treatment may eventually be recommended. The key is proper diagnosis and treatment planning.
You don’t have to suffer permanently from jaw, neck, and facial pain caused by TMD! The team here at Schur Orthodontics is skilled in helping Eastside TMD sufferers find relief. Call us at 425-747-4477 to book your complimentary TMD consultation today!
TMD, facial pain

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