Winemaker Discusses Invisalign And Lifestyle


Why a testimonial about Invisalign from a winemaker?

To be effective, Invisalign aligners should be worn 22 hours per day. As an orthodontist I often hear potential Invisalign patients voice concerns about the potential clash between Invisalign and lifestyle demands, given people’s need to converse with colleagues, entertain clients, and presenting at meetings. To this I thought, who would be more appropriate to address such concerns than a winemaker who spends his day tasting in the barrel room, entertaining guests, and managing staff?

Invisalign and lifestyle_harvest_Mellisoni

Harvest time at Mellisoni Vineyards!

Who is Rob Mellison?

Rob, along with his wife Donna, is part of a fantastic, award-winning wine-making team at Mellisoni Vineyards in Chelan, Washington. He has been a very enthusiastic Invisalign patient at Schur Orthodontics, and as you will see, he has the perfect personality for conveying his experiences regarding how Invisalign and lifestyle potentially go together so well! I know that you will enjoy Rob’s video, and I encourage you to visit Mellisoni Vineyards and experience Rob and Donna’s amazing wines and hospitality.

What does all of this mean for you?

As Rob demonstrates, Invisalign and lifestyle can go together very will with a bit of planning and time management. The results can be very exciting and rewarding, and the process needn’t be disruptive. Dr. Schur and his staff are more than happy to discuss your challenges and to offer solutions that they and many patients have devised. It’s also good to consider that many of the advantages of aligners more than offset the challenges. The vast majority of our patients tell us it’s well worth the effort!

Would you like to learn more about Invisalign treatment, and to determine whether you’d be a good candidate?

If so, please contact Tina at 425-747-4477 and she’ll be happy to schedule an initial visit so that you and Dr. Schur can discuss the particulars of your orthodontic desires, as well as the pros and cons of various treatment options. The initial visit is complementary.

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