Meet Your Orthodontist in Bellevue

“Our passion for customer service is a natural expression of who we are. We truly want to help you gain the bite and smile that you want and deserve.” - Dr. Jeff Schur

Dr. Jeff Schur is an orthodontist in Bellevue who strives to provide a great orthodontic experience to every patient.

Dr. Jeff Schur

Dedicated and attentive

As an orthodontist in Bellevue, my mission is to provide you a great orthodontic experience while helping you reach your full potential in oral health and appearance. My team and I live and breathe this mission every day, guiding us in every decision we make.

To complete this mission, we follow these three points to make your experience worthwhile:

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    I promise to see you at every visit. My team and I will sit down with you and take as much time as you like to discuss your goals and needs.
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    We’ll team up and communicate with any of your healthcare providers to ensure treatment is properly sequenced and coordinated.
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    Your time is valuable, and we respect that. That’s why we’ll do our best to always stay on time with your appointment.

Voted One of Seattle Met's Top Dentists

10 years in a row!

My Journey as an Orthodontist

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The University of Washington orthodontic program provided a superb foundation for my career.

Prior to specializing in orthodontics, I attended the UCLA School of Dentistry. There I was selected for a senior class award for achievement in orthodontics and inducted into the Omicron Kappa Upsilon honorary dental society.

At UCLA, I was fortunate enough to participate in research showing that dental implants can be used as anchors for orthodontic movement of teeth - something that is now considered basic orthodontic technique. Two articles were published from this research.

Keeping current on the science and practice of orthodontics is done through courses at orthodontic and dental society meetings, Invisalign seminars, and local study clubs. As a devotee of The Pankey Dental Institute, I've made a career-long commitment to optimal patient care. The Pankey focus includes technical excellence, taking the time to get to know our patients, and establishing close working relationships with the excellent general dentists and specialists in our area.

My wife Shelly, a Tacoma native, and I have been married for 26 years. We are very proud of our adult "kids" Blair and Hailey.

Family activities include skiing, travel, supporting local charities, and working out at the gym. We have a particular passion for soccer, and for Hailey, ski racing. Hailey raced for WSU this past winter. Blair, an Eagle Scout, is focused on martial arts and American Sign Language.

Our family pet is a mischievous ginger tabby named Rowdy.

My professional interests include a focus on complex multidisciplinary care, where multiple health care practitioners come together in a manner that benefits the patient in a way that piecemeal care cannot. Various systems of the body affect one another, and certain conditions require coordinated care for optimal results. In addition, the use of 3-dimensional computerized x-ray and MRI technology has greatly enhanced our ability to diagnose and treat various conditions.

In the non-orthodontic world, I love exploring various cuisines from around the world with friends, and Seattle is a great place in which to do so. My cooking passion centers on slow-cooking/smoking of meats in the various styles that can be found across our nation.

On a related note, I enjoy vegetable gardening, and I prefer to supplement that by purchasing local produce. I closely follow the Sounders, as well as collegiate soccer and football.

Dr. Schur, our orthodontist in Bellevue, helping a young patient.
Dr. Schur reviewing an X-Ray with an actual patient.
Dr. Schur, an orthodontist in Bellevue, working with a young patient.
Dr. Schur and his team promoting the Seattle Sounders.

‘‘ I have just begun a long-term program with Dr. Schur. The experience is overwhelmingly positive, starting with the reception staff and continues with the entire team. Communication is clear. The follow-up is timely. It's difficult to imagine orthodontics as an enjoyable experience. Dr. Schur makes it so. ’’

S.P., Actual Patient