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Watch how Invisalign® is the clear solution to straight teeth.


Don't Put Your Life On Hold

Do you wish you had straighter teeth, but don't want to deal with the hassle of metal braces? We are proud to offer Invisalign® in Bellevue, WA for adults and teens!

  • Invisalign is a personalized orthodontic treatment using clear and removable aligners.
  • With the clear, comfortable aligners, Invisalign does its job discreetly. People will hardly notice you're receiving treatment.
  • Your Bellevue Orthodontist, Dr. Schur, has the expertise and education that allow him to go beyond your expectations of what this modern procedure can achieve.

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What's Holding You Back From Getting Invisalign® in Bellevue, WA?

Invisalign ib Bellevue, WA is covered through dental insurance just like other orthodontic treatments.

"I'm not sure if my insurance will cover it."

Many dental insurance plans cover Invisalign just as they would other orthodontics treatments. Insurance can be very confusing, which is why our team will help you maximize your benefits.

We can get you to become a candidate for Invisalign in Bellevue WA

"I'm not a candidate for Invisalign®."

You may not start off as a candidate for Invisalign®, but we can help out. This includes using braces for a limited time to help you become an Invisalign® candidate. Then, we can pursue this discreet, comfortable treatment.

Invisalign in Bellevue, WA should be performed by a orthodontic specialist

"Can't I see anyone for Invisalign®?"

Invisalign® needs to be done by someone who specializes in moving teeth to achieve quality results. Dr. Schur has over a decade of experience performing Invisalign and even uses 'orthodontic tricks' to carry out challenging movements to enhance your results.


Invisalign® + Your Smile = A Whole Lot of Smiling

It's much more than orthodontics - it's about getting you to smile so big
while not putting your life on hold. How so?

Invisalign in Bellevue, WA allows you to eat your favorite foods because the aligners are removable.

The Aligners are Removable

Don't you think it's annoying when you have to wear metal brackets and wires over your teeth? Invisalign® takes orthodontics to another level by allowing you to wear clear, plastic aligners that are removable. This means you can eat and drink your favorite meals and brush/floss normally - without brackets and wires getting in the way.

Hardly anyone will notice you're receiving treatment with Invisalign in Bellevue, WA.

Comfortable & Convenient

Comfortable, removable, and invisible - Invisalign® never asks to put your life on hold. Gum and mouth irritation is very common with traditional braces. With Invisalign®, the aligners are smooth and comfortable to wear. Plus, they are virtually invisible, so hardly anybody will notice you're receiving treatment.

Be ready to take that selfie as soon as you're done with Invisalign in Bellevue, WA.

End Results Are Amazing

Invisalign® consists of inserting a new set of aligners for every two weeks. These adjustments help align your teeth back to its appropriate position. We recommend wearing your aligners for 20-22 hours per day. In the end, you'll be smiling more than ever, and you didn't even need metal braces to get a straight smile!


Trust Your Smile To Dr. Schur

Listen to a REAL patient of Dr. Schur's share his Invisalign® experience.


‘‘ I want all my patients to love their smiles, which is why I’ll do everything in my power to achieve your smile goals and expectations. ’’

Dr. Schur, Bellevue Invisalign Provider

  • Certified orthodontic specialist with over a decade of Invisalign experience
  • Completed several hours of continuing education with The Invisalign Orthodontic Master Program
  • Voted one of Seattle Met's Top Dentists for 9 years in a row

Frequently Asked Questions about Invisalign® in Bellevue, WA

Invisalign® is a computer-generated orthodontic system that is a clear alternative to braces. Following proper diagnosis of your bite, Dr. Schur will custom design your treatment based upon your needs and desires. Your treatment will consist of a numbered series of thin, clear aligners, which look similar to bleaching trays. The aligners are made to precisely fit your teeth.
Each aligner is designed to make small movements over a two-week period. You’ll change aligners every two weeks. Dr. Schur will see you periodically to assure that your treatment is progressing as planned and to make changes to your individual program as needed. Learn more about clear aligner technology in our blog article.
Invisalign® is not an off-the-shelf teeth alignment solution. It’s an actual orthodontic treatment that requires exacting diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment management just as braces do. Dr. Schur is a certified orthodontic specialist with over a decade of experience treating patients with Invisalign®. He will be able to help you understand if this treatment option is appropriate for you, and if not, he will determine whether anything can be done in advance to make it appropriate. In addition, he knows how to handle situations in which teeth aren’t properly responding to the aligners.

Invisalign®: It’s Not A Bunch of Hype

Is Invisalign® right for you? Ask these eight important questions before you commit.

Set Your Smile Straight

Isn’t it time that you loved your smile again? See if our Invisalign® in Bellevue is the answer to your smile concerns. In our free Ebook, you’ll learn:

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  • The benefits to Invisalign®. Hint: Eat and drink whatever you want!
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