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At Schur Orthodontics, we believe it should be a great experience while helping you to reach your full potential in your oral health and appearance. Come visit us in Bellevue to learn how we can make your life easier!

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Custom Care

You’re family! Your questions and goals are important to us as we plan and create an effective treatment plan - just for you!

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We’ve assembled a superb team of health care professionals to provide the highest level of care.

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We promise to stay on time with your appointments. Plus, we will coordinate outside appointments on your behalf.


What do you need to know when choosing an orthodontist?

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  • Three methods to become a good orthodontic consumer.
  • The right questions to ask your orthodontist.
  • Tips to choose the right orthodontist for your child.
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What to expect on your first visit:


You are not just a set of teeth! We want to get to know you because the best treatment comes from us understanding your goals and needs. The moment you walk through our doors, Tina and Calysta will take great care of you, making sure that you are comfortable. Dr. Schur will spend time with you exploring your concerns and learning what you want to accomplish. Our orthodontics and Bellevue Invisalign team will do their best to take care of you!


After your discussion with Dr. Schur, we will conduct a thorough orthodontic evaluation, focusing on your bite, smile esthetics, jaw joints, and muscular function. You will be an active part of the evaluation, as together we learn about your current situation. What we learn will be connected with your dental history and treatment goals.


You and Dr. Schur will then discuss what we’ve learned and decide upon the most appropriate path. If treatment is to be considered, the next step is to assemble diagnostic records. Some patients will consult with another specialist, as part of determining overall needs. Once Dr. Schur has analyzed your records and any input from other health care providers, you’ll return for a consultation visit in order to go over treatment goals, options, and timing. In straightforward situations, treatment can be started during the second visit. In the meantime, Calysta will determine how to optimize your orthodontic insurance and medical savings account benefits for you.


This is where concierge service really kicks in and simplifies the process! We will schedule all of your appointments for you so that everything is properly sequenced and your entire dental care team is properly informed. We will take care of all communication for you as well, including making sure that your other providers have current x-rays and photos. This occurs whether you are ready to start treatment or simply want to set up a time to discuss care with your dentist.


Schur Orthodontics Pet Food and Supplies Drive

In support of the Humane Society Community Outreach Program.

Schur Orthodontics Pet Food Drive and Donations Supply Drive

We have a collection bin in our reception room, and we are running the drive until December 19th, so please feel free to bring a donation to your next appointment, or just drop by any time.

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Dr. Schur, a Bellevue Orthodontics, working with a young patient.
Two sisters who are actual patients of Schur Orthodontics in Bellevue.
The front desk at our Bellevue Orthodontic practice.
The team at Schur Orthodontics in Bellevue, WA.

Invisalign® is the clear solution to straight teeth!

Dr. Schur is a certified orthodontic specialist with over a decade of experience treating patients with Invisalign®.

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Download our FREE eBook to learn if Invisalign® is right for you. This eBook will provide 8 important questions you should ask yourself before you commit to ANY teeth straightening system, and will give you the pros and cons of Invisalign®.

Alina, an actual patient of Bellevue Orthodontics expert Dr. Schur.

‘‘After my braces came off, I was completely in love with my smile and that was thanks to Dr. Schur and everyone in the office who led me along the way. I feel more confident and cannot stop smiling, thanks to my new, perfect teeth.

-Alina, Actual Patient


Your orthodontic options:

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    Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen®
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    Preprosthetic, limited, and surgical orthodontics
  • Checkmark icon
    Sport-specific custom made athletic mouth guards for optimal protection
  • Ceramic /clear braces
  • Gold and silver braces
  • Night guards/bite splints for patients with teeth grinding or TMJ problems

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