Occlusal splints for facial pain

Occlusal Splint Therapy Basics

What is an occlusal splint or night guard? Splints are removable, protective plastic devices that fit on your upper or lower teeth (and sometimes both) and are adjusted to create a new bite in a desired bite jaw position. For example, if you have an upper occlusal splint, it will be adjusted so that the […]

Facial pain, TMD, TMJ

TMD: Bellevue Orthodontist On Facial & TMJ Pain

What is TMD? The temporomandibular joints, commonly referred to as TMJs, are the joints where your jaw connects with the temporal bones of your skull. Discomfort and problems associated with your jaw and the muscles that control it is referred to as temporomandibularjoint disorder, or TMD. There is no one cause of TMD, but there are multiple factors […]

A man holding his face with jaw pain before TMJ treatment in Bellevue

An Introduction To TMJ

Dentists often hear people tell them that they “have TMJ.” The truth is, everyone has two! TMJ is the name of your jaw joints, not a condition. It stands for temporomandibular joint. When a TMJ is painful or not functioning properly, the condition is known as TMD, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction (or disorder). In this post […]