When will braces be removed?

Braces: How To Minimize Treatment Time

      What factors affect when braces will be removed? While the orthodontist is the engineer of your treatment, with either braces or Invisalign the reality is that the vast majority of tooth movement occurs under your watch. This means that you have a big part to play in determining how long your treatment […]

A man holding his face with jaw pain before TMJ treatment in Bellevue

An Introduction To TMJ

Dentists often hear people tell them that they “have TMJ.” The truth is, everyone has two! TMJ is the name of your jaw joints, not a condition. It stands for temporomandibular joint. When a TMJ is painful or not functioning properly, the condition is known as TMD, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction (or disorder). In this post […]

Vibration device orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics and Vibration Technology

The aim of vibration technology in orthodontics is to speed up tooth movement and ultimately reduce treatment time. As long as there are no undesirable side effects this would be a very positive development! This explains why I’ve been asked if I use the technology. As I see it, the use of vibration technology in […]