Customer Service Concierge-Style !

Concierge service Schur Orthodontics

What does concierge-style mean?

A concierge  is a special customer service-oriented employee of a hotel who provides important information and takes care of a wide range of arrangements for guests. The mission of the concierge is to not only optimize the guests’ experience in the hotel, but to maximize their total vacation experience. A good concierge has a wealth of experience, knowledge, and connections.

That’s the approach that we take at Schur Orthodontics, but instead of an actual concierge, we have Calysta, the treatment coordinator, and Tina, the scheduling coordinator. They serve as your guides to the best treatment experience possible. Although their scope is a bit more focused than a hotel concierge, they are your inside connection, and they look forward to meeting your needs and solving challenges quickly and easily.

Customer service flowers

Calysta with flowers from a thankful patient & parent.

What does concierge-level customer service look like in an orthodontic office?

  • Processing and maximizing your orthodontic benefits, including insurance and flexible spending accounts.
  • The very challenging task of submitting for medical insurance coverage for medically-related orthodontic issues.
  • Coordinating and scheduling visits in our and other offices. They are skilled and experience at coordinating multiple appointments at multiple offices so that procedures are done in the proper order and timing.
  • Planning for reduced travel time so that your treatment doesn’t unnecessarily disrupt your busy schedule.
  • We have network of fantastic dentists, dental specialists, x-ray labs, physical therapists, and others who know how to complement the treatment your receiving in our office. We are happy to assemble a fantastic treatment team and to help you schedule appointments.
  • Communication–we keep your other dental health practitioners up-to-date on your treatment in our office and we forward your x-rays for their use.
  • Travel–really? Yes! If you’re going to travel, feel free to ask for contacts near your destination just in case you have an issue that requires prompt attention.
  • Transferring. If you’re moving to our area, we will contact your previous orthodontics to get your current records. If you’re moving from our area, we’ll help you to select a new orthodontist and we’ll make sure they have your treatment information and records.
Customer service coordinating treatment

Tina helping to coordinate a dental cleaning with a patient’s next orthodontic visit.

Why do we do this?

It’s simply more enjoyable and rewarding for all concerned when things go well. Having well-engineered systems in place along with our passion for good customer service means our office is full of smiles, and isn’t that what orthodontics is all about?

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  1. Avatar for Schur Orthodontics Leandro says:

    Did you also do NCR? I’ve done one session of NCR, and my patale came forward on the first day. Had it done by Hillary Lampers, ND. I’m missing too many teeth to do the facial pulling, so I’m hoping NCR will take care of that. I had a major improvement in just my first session.I think this stuff is awesome! Good luck!

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