It’s Time To Participate In The Schur Orthodontics Pet Food Drive!

Pet food drive Humane Society

How does a pet food drive benefit the community?

The Seattle Humane Society maintains a food bank for the benefit of needy members of the community who benefit from pet companionship. This drive benefits the ill and elderly among us, as well as the pets that give them comfort and companionship. The idea behind our pet food and supplies drive is that it’s easy and convenient for the friends and patients of Schur Orthodontics to contribute to this worthy effort. At the end of our collection period Dr. Schur will deliver the donated items to the Humane Society in Bellevue.

Why do we do this annually?

Schur Orthodontic pet food drive donations

The Seattle Humane Society is one of the community organizations that Schur Orthodontics supports. Last year out patients and their families fully embraced the effort and created a mountain of pet food and supplies. It filled the cab and bed of Dr. Schur’s pick-up truck, and the Humane Society workers were simply blown away by the volume of donated items! The good news is that we’re expecting an even larger haul this year as patients and other dental offices have been asking about the drive. This has proven to be a very popular cause, and we are very excited about that!

Are you interested in contributing to the drive? Here’s how:

We will be collecting pet food and supplies from October 10th through December 19th. During that period you can simply drop off items to our office, including the following:

  • Canned food
  • Packaged dry food
  • Pet toys
  • Leashes and collars
  • Pet beds

We will have collection bins in the office, but we fully expect them to fill up quickly so please feel free to add your donation to the adjacent stack in our reception room. If you prefer, you can donate cash and we will purchase discounted food for the drive.

Schur Orthodontics Pet Food Drive to support the Humane Society

Thank you for participating!


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