Pankey Institute: Education and Philosophy

Pankey Alumni education

The Pankey Institute, is the top provider of quality continuing education in dentistry. The curriculum includes a series of multi-day seminars focusing on the technical, esthetic (cosmetic), and interpersonal sides of dentistry. The seminars at Pankey have greatly supplemented the continuing education in orthodontics that I receive elsewhere. This video provides a nice overview of the Institute:

***Before you give me a hard time about the nice location, please note that the daily courses run from 8:00am-5:00pm, and then there’s after-dinner discussions until 10:00 pm. We do enjoy superb Cuban food, however!  🙂

How my patients benefit from my Pankey education:

  1. Most of the seminars that I’ve attended centered on interdiscipinary treatment, meaning dental care that involves many aspects of dentistry, including restorative (crowns, fillings, implants), periodontics (gum treatment), oral surgery, and/or TMJ treatment. This is one of my main interests, as it involves the coordination of various aspects of treatment via collaboration between the patient, general dentist, and any other specialist. Multidisciplinary care involves comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and a coordinated treatment plan. It must not be done in a piecemeal fashion.
  2. Communication. A Pankey education focuses on getting to know our patients, listening carefully to their concerns and goals so that they are understood, and communicating with any other dentist or specialist that is involved in care. A well-functioning dental team must be formed in order to achieve optimal results and for the patient to have a great experience.
  3. TMJ issues and head & neck pain. Pankey’s continuing education courses include diagnosis and treatment of TMJ (jaw joint) issues. This is critical in establishing and maintaining overall oral health and comfort. Pankey dentists are comfortable working with non-dental therapists, such as physical therapists, chiropractors, and various other practitioners.
  4. Technical excellence: Cutting edge, scientifically verified technology and techniques are always a part of Pankey’s curriculum. The important distinction is that technology is studied and proven effective in patient diagnosis and care.

Pankey Institute alumni education