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Joe Piscatella Healthy Heart

My dental study club held its annual continuing education retreat last weekend. This year we decided to stray from dental topics and set our sights on quality of life issues, including general health. One of our speakers was Joe Piscatella, a well-published author and entertaining proponent of a healthy heart lifestyle. Joe underwent coronary bypass surgery at age 32, and was told that he would not likely live to see age 40. His doctor told him that it was in the genes, and there was nothing that lifestyle changes could help. He refused to be a passive victim of genes, and decided to do what he could to live a life consistent with a healthy heart. Now in his 70s, Joe is now the longest-surviving bypass recipient in the United States.

Healthy Heart presentation

Joe Piscatella presenting at our dental study club retreat.










I highly recommend Joe’s book as an easy-to-follow, practical guide for adopting good habits and making healthy lifestyle changes:

Joe Piscatella Healthy Heart

Healthy Heart Lifestyle Components Covered

  • Risk Assessment
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Stress Management
  • Medication and procedures

From Amazon’s website: “When your doctor delivers the news―you have heart disease, which afflicts one in three Americans (an estimated 81 million people)―you need exactly the kind of indispensable, plainspoken advice found in Prevent, Halt & Reverse Heart Disease. You need Joe Piscatella. A lay expert who’s been lecturing to health professionals and Fortune 500 corporations for three decades, and who is one of the longest-lived survivors of bypass surgery― 32 years and counting―Piscatella shows how to take charge of one’s cardiac health in a bold yet simple, easily understandable way.”

If you purchase the book please let me know how you like it, and how your transition to a healthy heart lifestyle is going! For a sneak preview you can find numerous videos of Joe Piscatella’s interviews, talks, and TV appearances on youtube.

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