St. Patrick’s Day Contest Winner!

Schur Orthodnontics' St. Patrick's Day board

In case you missed it, we recently held a St. Patrick’s Day contest where you had to guess how many pieces of candy were in the jar.

The prize?!

The jar of candy (yeah, we know…) and two passes to a local movie theatre in Bellevue!

And my goodness, some of you were SOOOO CLOSE.

But one patient came the closest…

Our St. Patrick’s Day Contest winner is…

Our St. Patrick's Day winner and his prizes

Congratulations Curtis for winning the Schur Orthodontics St. Patrick’s Day Contest!

His guess was within one of the 124 total pieces of candy in our contest jar!

Have fun, Curtis… But remember, the candy is for decorative purposes only. ?

Do you remember your guess? How far off were you? Let us know in the comments!

What’s the next contest at Schur Orthodontics?

We had so much fun with our St. Patrick’s Day contest that we decided…

Let’s do it again!

So to celebrate Easter, we are holding a similar contest:

You have to guess how many candy eggs are in the jar!

What’s the prize this time?

You guessed it:

The jar of candy eggs! AND… An Amazon gift card!

Make sure you enter your guess at your next appointment.

Fun fact about St. Patrick’s Day

Did you know:

  • The first St. Patrick’s Day celebration in America was held in Boston in 1737.
  • The original color for St. Patrick’s Day was blue.
  • Your odds of finding a four leaf clover are about 1 in 10,000.

Want to learn more fun fact? Click here!

Interested in learning a brief history of St. Patrick’s Day? Click here!

Schur Orthodnontics' St. Patrick's Day board

Where can you find your pot of gold?

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