We Have Our Prize Winners!

Spa at Willows Lodge prize

We are thrilled to announce the following schurorthodontics.com Scavenger Hunt prize winners:

Prize Spa at Willows Lodge

Luxurious Spa at Willows Lodge, Woodinville

Our winner of the gift certificate for The Spa at Willows Lodge is Laleh! We look forward to hearing how you enjoyed your visit to the spa.



Prize 2 Fitness One Fitness Tracker

Fitbit One Fitness Tracker

The winner of the Fitbit One fitness tracker is Amelia. Congratulations, and enjoy it in good health!



great scavenger hunt prize jamboree

Jambox Mini bluetooth speakers

Madeline walks away with a Jambox Mini bluetooth speaker. Madeline, you rock, and now you can rock on!


Thanks to all who took part in our schurorthodontics.com Scavenger Hunt. Please contact us if you have any questions about our practice, the website, or orthodontics in general.


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